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Mastorin by GSSlabs 60 capsules increases muscle density, reduces subcutaneous fat and increases bone mineral density.

Your attention is one of the best representatives of the SARMs line from GSSlabs. S23 is used by athletes in preparation for competitions. Due to its anabolic activity and the hosts improve the quality of the muscles, making it drier and more developed. In addition to muscle growth, the body becomes more toned and athletic.

Mastorineh is recommended for both men and women. The supplement is completely safe for health and legal. You can combine it with other selective modulators or anabolic steroids.

Once in the body, S23 binds to androgen receptors in muscles, bones and adipose tissue, where it shows all its properties. The action is very similar to analogues S4 (andarin) and mk 2866 (ostarine). At the same time, he is even stronger than them.

 Positive effects of taking:

  • Accelerates the growth of lean muscle mass;
  • Perfectly combined with other SARMs;
  • Maximum strength increase;
  • Increased bone density;
  • Reduces catabolism after exercise;
  • Reduces the size of the prostate on the course;
  • Reduces body fat.

Ingredients Per Serving:

S23 - 20 mg

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Recommendations for use:

For best results, we recommend taking 1 capsule twice a day with meals. The course of admission is from 4 to 8 weeks.

 One box contains 60 capsules.